The PLASTBAU® construction system was established in 1979 by the Research and Development department of Plastedil SA. The aim was offering the market an innovative and top-quality product for the construction industry. The focus of the PLASTBAU® system is to build with high-quality standards but with lower costs, shorter time and more easily compared to other construction systems.

PLASTBAU® is a system of fixed formworks (stay in place), which adapt the building to the most rigid standards of seismic resistance and thermal insulation. The construction system makes it possible to obtain monolithic structures for which both the sizing of concrete walls and the amount of iron reinforcement can be sized according to the project needs.

The extreme versatility of our construction elements allows us to create any type of structure: design villas, residential villas, buildings, hotel complexes, industrial buildings and many more.

The production of the panels necessary for the construction with the PLASTBAU® system is realized with specific machinery which can be sized based on the construction needs. With the opportunity to create a Turn-Key Plant. The EPS panels are made by a continuous moulding process and, where required, the integration with metal elements is realized in line. With this system, it is possible to produce external walls, partitions, and floors of great flow and long distance.

Another important feature of PLASTBAU® is that the various products can be easily integrated with other construction systems, increasing flexibility in the design phase.

The PLASTBAU® products can be used both for the reinforced concrete structures and dry structures. The flexibility of our system allows to integrate steel supporting structures, both heavy and light, and column and beams structures, with our deck/floor panels to be filled with concrete.

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