Plastbau 5 Wall


Is an advanced building system which give all the tools to build with extremely high quality, insulation and seismic resistance but with low costs and construction time.

Key Features

Our top quality (category A+) insulating material are perfect for every climate, even extreme one and seismic zones. With PLASTBAU ® you can build passive and minergie houses with almost zero energy.

Plastbau ® technology allow to economize in every step of the building process: construction tools and machinery and construction time. The great competitiveness of our products can lead to cost savings of up to 30%.

The extreme manageability, lightness and ease of PLASTBAU ® products allows to shorten the construction time up to 40%.



An affordable, light, insulating and fast building system, particularly suitable as external wall, industrial sheds, garages, popular houses and more. Can also be perfectly applied as partition wall.

Key Features

Products quality and ease of installation, combined with the low price are the key of the PLASTBAU ® SIP – Structural Insulating Panel.

Extremely insulated and economic buildings. Due to its versatility and ease of installation, the PLASTBAU ® SIP – Structural Insulating Panel is quick to produce and to install.

Our most versatile PLASTBAU ® Product, can be used as wall, floor, partition wall and roof and is suitable for every kind of buildings.

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High technology applied to our machinery, at the customer’s service for every needs. We have a wide range of products, bins, walls, high-tech insulating panels and more.

Key Features

The Plastbau Technology allows to develop new, low price and top quality products for insulation and green building.

Our machinery can be adjusted to every clients need. Width, lenght and thickness can be adjusted to the project. Colour and brand can also be imprinted on the products.

Our products are unique and patented. Try our EPS Panels to see how our technology can be applied to insulation panels.

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R & D

Our R&D section is always working to find and develop new features and technologies. The aim is to develop new solutions and improve existing one. We can also work on your projects.

Key Features

Plastedil can find every building solution for customer’s needs. We can develop a new products and machinery around you to fulfill every request.

Our long history give us greath experience on engineering machines and EPS knowledge. More than 50 years of study, research and developement.

We are the only, prouds owner of the PLASTBAU ® Patents. We can work together to make you our partner in your country.

Green Building

PLASTBAU ® allows to build perfectly insulated building. It's the top of Green Building technology with low construction and production costs


Our technology can be adapted and innovated to meet every need in every country. Restrictive laws, pollution limits, earthquake resistance and soundproofing are our strenghts to face up to every challenges.

Know How

The heritage of skills, experiences and innovation that form a professional path paved with concrete results and successes over more than 50 years.

Money Value

Rapid work, excellent thermal insulation and construction's simplicity means that the value of the money invested lasts and rises over time. It is the best of building with quality at low costs.



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Plastedil S.A. (joint stock company) is a Swiss engineering and service company based in Mendrisio.

Excellence since 1960

Innovation, top-quality products, as well as customer satisfaction and environmental protection are the keys to the company’s worldwide success. Plastedil, sole owner of patented Plastbau technology and brand, is specialized in the design, construction and sale of machines and complete turnkey plants for the manufacturing of Plastbau building elements made of EPS (expanded polystyrene).

Plastedil also provides a careful assistance for the starting, maintenance and technological updating of its machines and plants. Plastedil’s products are extremely user-friendly and assure the best results as far as quality and cost- effectiveness are concerned.


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