Our Technology includes two types of production system, the Continuous/Discontinuous System, and the Continuous System.

To produce our products we are able to give the client a turnkey plant with all the utilities and auxiliary machineries.


The Continuous / Discontinuous moulding process is the PLASTBAU® System. The Technology applied to this Production Line allow to produce continuous PLASTBAU ® products with a discontinuous moulding process. In this section we have:

  • H-Series: is our most complex and complete production line. With its characteristics to integrate steel elements into the EPS can be used to produce every PLASTBAU ® building products, creating those manufactured with a continuous-discontinuous process.
  • D-Series: is a smaller standard machinery compared to the H-Series, it moulds vertically the EPS to create ETICS panels and deck panels.


The continuous system is used in our machinery to produce very unique and specific bi-colour ETICS panels. The machine is “The Continua“, it is one of our latest technologies and the production can reach up to 50 m3/h of EPS panels.

Our ethic panels are top quality insulating, the bi-colour guarantees a double advantage:

  1. The white side shields the UV rays and prevents grey EPS from being deformed;
  2. The grey side has a higher level of thermal isolation.

The Continua allows the moulding of up to 3 colours, which can also be chosen to represent customer needs.