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High insulation and low prices, how to deal with it?

PLASTBAU® building system allows you to reach any level of insulation keeping cost low. Our factories are build around the clients needs and everything can be changed and adapted to be responsive to any project!

How to deal with big construction projects with many sm of buildings?

PLASTBAU® Factory is a great solution for big construction project. Our production plant can reach very high production rate to fullfill your production needs.

Our clients accomplished project with > 1 Million of m2 of houses.

How can you adapt different projects with PLASTBAU®?

One of the biggest strength of PLASTBAU® is the flexibility. Our machinery allows to build elements with different thickness heigth and length. You can choose the thickness of the concrete and of the rebars and the thickness of the insulating panels.

Is possible to build multifloor building and small houses with different settings that allows you to avoid wastes of money and space.

How to deal with a PLASTBAU® Factory?

Our machiney are completely automated and the Plastedil will transfer all the know-how to you to run the factory.

We delivery single machinery or complete turn-key plant. Plastedil follow you in every steps of the project.

What is the duration of PLASTBAU® buildings?

The strength of our system is the duration of the construction. The reinforced concrete structure is embedded and protectet also in an EPS formwork. There are less stress given by external factor such as heat or cold and the monolitic structure suffer less.

The duration can be compared to any top quality reinforced concrete structure!

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