Top quality insulations panels

The Sintolaminatrice Continua is a piece of innovative machinery that produces a sintered EPS panel. It can be set to produce EPS panels from 1 to 3 different densities and colours, all in one step. The large tapes push the EPS into the forming chamber in which there are the processes of steaming, cooling, and stabilization.

The production’s process is in continuous and patented, it guarantees from 15 to 60 m3/h of production, depending on the thickness of the EPS panel, which can vary from 5 cm to 30 cm.
Once the panels exit the forming chamber they’re automatically cut, with a hot wire cutter, with the desired sizes, up to a maximum length of 13 m. The width can be calibrated from 650 mm up to 1250 mm with the possibility to develop different widths on customer request. Everything is developed in line and, at the end of production, the panels are palletized and can be ready for shipment, as a finished product, or used as a semi-finished product for other functions.

Depending on the type of process and production desired, the machinery can work with 1 up to 3 workers, 1 technician, and 2 workers. A typical plant can be contained in an industrial warehouse of 3200 m2. The Sintolaminatrice Continua works with 100% material recovery. Waste, which varies from 2 to 5%, can be ground and recycled on the same day, ready to be reinserted into the sintering process.

The laminated and sintered EPS panels produced by this machinery are particularly suitable as insulating sheets for coatings. The surfaces of the EPS (double-sided) panels, with their particular textured effect, allow greater adherence of the coat plasters.