Our most versatile Plastbau® Construction System

The Structural Element is our most versatile product. It’s adaptability to every kind of construction increases its fields of application to concrete- and/or dry-buildings.

Made of “Flame Retardant type” Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS) with embedded C-shaped zinc-coated steel reinforcing profiles, the Plastbau® Building Element finds new, interesting applications in the construction field every day, as i.e., a light roof element, a structural wall element for dry-built “light-houses”, an internal partition wall, external trailer or box, etc.

Great flexibility of use, perfect to build fast, smart and inexpensive

Dimensions and thickness can be adapdet on the project.

With the Structural Element, you can build and insulate everything you want. It can be used as a wall, floor or roof, giving the chance to build your own structure from the beginning till the end only with our Structural Elements. The lightness of the Element allows for great mobility and manoeuvrability. It can be moved and placed with only 2 workers and no crane or mechanical supports.

The EPS thickness can be from 6 to 20 cm and width 60 cm, the heights of the C-shaped metal profiles can be 6-8-10-12 cm, with an EPS density of the panel of 22-25 kg/m3.



The Plastbau Sturctural Element, taking advantage of the EPS insulating coeficient, allow you to build zero energy buildings which can perfectly adapts to all climate.


Saving on construction time, on construction tools and product costs, you can decrease construction costs up to 40%.


Thanks its lightness, manageability and installation speed, constructions time can be reduced up to 70%.


Both with extreme heat or cold, the Plastbau Sturctural Elements garantees maximum insulation, allowing a total savings on energy costs.