The PLASTBAU® VIR – Roof Panel is composed by an insulating EPS panel reinforced with metal bars which can be covered with a steel, copper or aluminium sheet. The whole composition is made to be acoustically and thermally insulated.

The particular shape of the EPS panel has been designed in order to create micro-ventilation channels between the metal coverage and the panel.
The use of metal bars inside the EPS gives to the PLASTBAU® VIR a self-supporting property up to 3m.

Our PLASTBAU® Roof Panel is a futuristic response for ventilated, insulated and easy to install roof elements.

It can be used to build private villas, condominiums, schools, hospitals, prefabricated building and more.


Thermal transmittance: U = from 0.20 to 0.30 W/m²K
Fire resistance: E-Class


Thickness: 87 – 132 mm
Lenght: any, up to request
Width: 900 – 1200 mm