Research and constant innovation

Our R&D section is always working to find and develop new features and technologies. The aim is to develop new solutions and improve existing one. With our long experience in the market we are always thinking about new products and machinery to improve our building system and our client’s productivity.

Plastedil can find every building solution for the customer’s needs. We can develop a new products and machinery around you to fulfil every request. We are specialized in working with customers to assist them and develop customized machinery or modifications to existing ones.

Our know-how, given by our long history and our desire to discover new technologies, gives us great experience on engineering machines and EPS knowledge. More than 50 years of study, research and development.

We are the only, proud owner of the PLASTBAU ® Technology. We can work together to make you our partner in your country.

Feel free to ask us every question, we'll be pleased to find a solution with you!