The Hybrid Smart solution for industrial buildings

PLASTBAU® Hybrid Sandwich is a new, smart and very versatile solution for industrial buildings. Production costs are low, as well as construction cost on site. Our Technology allows the development of panels of indefinite length which can be coupled directly in the factory with the desired finishing material, such as, for example, metal sheets, roof sheets, plasterboard panels, magnesite and more. The same production line produces three different kind of sandwich panels:

  1. PLASTBAU® SIP, with its metal reinforcements is suitable for walls, courtain walls, and roofs and facilitates the screwing of the finishing material.
  2. Classic Sandwich Panels, without metal reinforcements inside, suitable as an external budgetary cover with thermal insulation.
  3. Curved Sandwich Panels, a curved roof panel customizable with variable radius which can be adapted to large span roofs and is also excellent for canopies.

The PLASTBAU® Hybrid Sandwich production line can be set up to produce the three different panels mentioned above without major set-up maneuvers. The coupling line allows to work automatically either on a flat surface or curved surfaces with variable radius. Depending on the needs, the EPS panels, with or without metal reinforcements, can be coupled with the desired material on one or both sides, therefore ready to be laid effortless on site. An alternative low-cost solution is the automatic, at the factory, application of a wet plaster on one or both sides of the panel. Contact us for all the information!


Length: up to 13 m
Thickness: from 60 to 200 mm
Width: from 600 to 1200 mm


U-Value: from 0.5 to 0.15 W/m2K
Internal finishes: plaster, magnesite, plasterboard, metal sheet
External finishes: plaster, sheet metal, other external coatings


The D-200 production line and the coupling station allow to produce and finish both flat panels, with or without metal reinforcements, and curved panels with variable radius.


The coupling line and the properties of the different types of panel allow not only to couple different types of material, but also differentiating the inside from the outside finishing material.


Each PLASTBAU® Hybrid Sandwich panel has excellent insulating properties, with a coefficient of thermal transmittance U ranging from 0.5 to 0.15 W/m2K


PLASTBAU® Hybrid Sandwich panels, already coated or uncoated, are very quick to install on site. The metal reinforcements of the PLASTBAU® SIP facilitate the fixing to the existing structure.


The PLASTBAU® SIP panels, which can also be used as a roof, allow a self-supporting capacity of up to 3 meters, decreasing the cost of the steel or concrete structure.