The Plastbau® 5 Floor allows, in a quick and easy way, the realization of slab floor with high thermal and phonic insulation. It can also be used to build external concrete elements like balconies, always with the top insulation quality. It’s produced with the newest Plastbau® 5 Technology.

1.2 m Width and up to 13 m Long

Each Floor Panel can reach up to 13 m long. The maximum for a normal transport.

The standard width is 120 cm while the length can reach up to 13 m. The Floor is reinforced every 20 cm with metal inserts (steel B 450) with variable height, depending on the size of the floor.

The Plastbau® 5 Floor metal armour is incorporated into the high-density EPS Panel. The height of this panel varies from 6 to 20 cm.

At the top of the Plastbau® 5 Floor, low-density EPS panels are there to reduce the amount of concrete poured into the floor, saving money and weight of the structure.

The Plastbau® 5 Floor is perfect for every kind of floor. The peculiarity of the product is its maximum length, that give the possibility to build with slabs of 13 m long.