Top insulation & patented textured finish

Our EPS Panels are unique elements, a high-performance insulation sheet. The revolutionary expansion, sintering and lamination process guarantees a perfectly stable EPS Panel. The surface layer in white is inextricably sintered with the Neopor layer (grey EPS), creating a monolithic panel.

  • Grey: higher insulating lambda
  • White: higher UV deflection especially of non-shaded facades, making it safe to lay the finish.
  • White and grey: both advantages combined
  • A non-standard EPS panels can also be created, with a different colour than white to be adapted to marketing purposes. There is also the possibility to insert a third colour to increase the customization, with also the possibility of printing your logo or something else.

The thickness is automatically adjustable from 60 to 300 mm

Depending on the thickness, the production varies from 20 to 30 m3/h.

The surface of the panel has a peculiar patented textured finish of the surface, which gives the product an “orange peel touch” experience with the utility of a higher grip on coating materials.

The innovative production process also makes it possible to considerably reduce the use of primary resources necessary for the production, adding value to its eco-sustainability and guaranteeing an incomparable quality-price-performance ratio.