New Solution about PLASTBAU®-Wall Corners

PLASTBAU ® Building System proposes different solutions to build corners, depending on customer’s projects and requirements. Our last Technology allows to build a precast, coustomizable corners to apply direct in the building site. In this way you can work and set all the building steel and then cover it up directly with our corner, fast and easy.

This solution can be used only with external EPS panels major of 7.5 cm thick. With our Technology, with the same machinery and mould used to build our PLASTBAU ®-3 and -5 Walls, you have the possibility to produce your EPS customizable corners. Main Features:

  • Height: 1200 mm
  • EPS Density: 30 kg/m3
  • U-Value: from 0.175 to 0.086 W/m2K
  • No thermal bridges

The advantages of this solution are twofold: in the project phase and in the construction site. In the first case because it’s easier to plan your PLASTBAU ® formworks starting from a “point 0”, given by the corners, in the second case due to the boost of the constructions speed and ease. Work on open corners and close them at the end with our special tools it’s smarter and easier.

Ask us more about this new solution!

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